Friday, October 21, 2011

New Punisher Series Being Developed By FOX?

Variety is currently reporting that the beloved Marvbel character "Frank Castle" AKA Punisher is being developed over at FOX. It is reported that ABC (Apart of Disney, which owns Marvel) sold the television rights to FOX.

The Punisher is described as an hour-long procedural with a Marvel signature and
a new take on one of comic book giant’s iconic characters, Frank Castle, a
rising star detective with the NYC Police Department who moonlights as the
vigilante Punisher seeking justice for those the system has failed. Bernero will
executive produce along with Marvel. This marks the first
this season and the first one ever outside of ABC for Disney-owned Marvel, which
is developing TV series based on its properties through ABC Studios.
Now Marvel currently has at least two shows already in production at ABC, so this news doesn't shock me much...... IF it turns out to be true. But after three movies will television show the Punisher we deserve? You decide for yourselves in the comments.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Theatrical Trailer For "The Avengers" Officially Released!

The long awaited first trailer for The Avengers has hit the web and it lives up to fan expectations. Take a look at it below (including our first look at The Hulk!!!)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Bunch Of New Avengers Official Images; And A Spoiler on Who May Actually Beat The Hulk!

Now for some exciting news regarding this much anticipated film!

Courtesy of EW, we now know that the only Avenger to take down the Hulk will be......Hawkeye?!?
Like Black Widow, he’s the only regular human in The Avengers, which gives him a working-class-superhero pride. “The only sort of thing I cling to is the relationship of past experiences with Scarlett’s character, with them both being human. I can cling to that,” says Jeremy Renner. But there’s no insecurity. “Quite the opposite,” the actor says. “He’s the only one who can really take down The Hulk with his tranq tip arrows. He knows his limitations. But when it comes down to it, there has to be a sense of confidence in any superhero.”

Also announced is the list of special effects companies working on The Avengers:

- X-Men: First Class

- Avatar

- District 9

- King Kong

- Lord of the Rings - Trilogy


- Transformers - Trilogy

- Iron Man

- Star Trek (2009)

- Pirates of the Caribbean - Trilogy

- Super 8


- Captain America: The First Avenger

- X-Men: First Class

- Thor

- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

- The Green Hornet



- Thor

- Iron Man

- Iron Man 2

- Cowboys & Aliens

- Avatar



- X-Men: First Class

- Thor

- Let Me In

- Star Trek (2009)

- War of the Worlds