Thursday, June 30, 2011

New International Poster For Captain America: the First Avenger Revealed

 Featuring the characters Captain America, Bucky, Peggy Carter, Montgomery Falsworth, Chester Phillips and Dum Dum Dugan. Also of course The Red Skull
In my opinion the best Marvel Studios poster yet.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Captain Amercia: The First Avenger Images

The images are not the best considering that they were appearently taken from some of these books:
Six New Captain America Books!

But here are the images anyway:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cliffhangerbook's "Gods of Justice" Review

Gods of Justice, all original stories published by Cliffhangerbooks, is a GREAT read. It has such talents as DC writer Ricardo Sanchez ("Resident Evil" and "Telara Chronicles") and Star Trek author Dayton Ward ("Star Trek: Vanguard: Declassified"  and Star Trek novel "Paths of Disharmony").
Each stroy is a fresh and new way of looking at superheroes and the detailed writing makes you feel as though your actually there. The dramatic stories leave you wanting more and Gods of Justice is all around amazing.

One story featured is The Mass Grave of John Johnsons, don't let the title fool you because it is a thrilling and suspenseful story with twists and turns and an unexpected conclusion. Without giving out any spoilers, you won't believe WhoDied and his,and his sidekick's, very unique powers.

With nine stories in all:
The Mass Grave of John Johnsons by Micah Urban
The unearthing of several bodies prompts a doctor to summon a "super" forensics team. But he questions his decision when he realizes they may be stranger than the mystery they're investigating.  ( I give it a 5/5 )

Daughter of Nyx by Kelly WIsdom
In a dystopian future, Veronica must hide her unique ability from a regime that hates those who are different. Then she is attacked and must make a choice--remain in hiding or rise up and fight. ( I give it a 5/5 )

Going My Own Way by Dayton Ward
Though endowed with a unique power, young Daniel chooses not to follow in the footsteps of his famous superhero father. That is a decision that may ultimately cost him his life. ( I give this one a 4/5 but not because its not entertaining but because I don't feel as though the story was completely original )

Identity Crisis by Lisa Gail Green
After the superhero, SolarFlare, is injured, her twin sister, Leslie, takes her place. Leslie soon discovers that it will take more than just a flashy costume to save the city from a mad man. ( Another 5/5 )

Blunt Force Trauma by Kevin Hosey
When his ex-partner's daughter is murdered, retired superhero, PsyKore, goes after her slayer with a vengeance. What he ultimately discovers is even more devastating than the murder itself. ( Another 5/5 )

Neutral Ground by Jordan Taylor
During World War I, a British corporal hears rumors of a mysterious man saving wounded soldiers on the battlefield. He vows to uncover who or what is out there, even at the risk of his own life.( Another 5/5 )

Breaking The Circle by Derek Tyler Attico
When the hero, Vitruvian, vanishes in a massive explosion, his wife, Kendra, resolves to discover his fate. Yet her search leads her through nightmarish deceit to the very edge of her own sanity. ( Another 5/5 )

The Dodge by K. Stoddard Hayes
Sheriff Wilder owes his fearless reputation to a secret ability to phase through bullets. But when his rash younger brother follows him into a deadly standoff, Wilder's secret may get them both killed.
( I give this one a 3/5 because it wasn't a very good story to me. Sure it was entertaining and original, but compared to the other stories the characters and the ending just seemed a little predictable.)

The Justice Blues by Carla Lee Suson
As the wife of a beloved superhero, Angelica seems to have the perfect life. Then she learns of an evil secret that threatens her marriage--and her life. ( Another 5/5 )

Death and Life of The Hero by Ricardo Sanchez
Decades ago, The Hero gave his life while protecting The City. Now reporter Laura Halsey thinks she's discovered what really happened. But revealing the truth may cause more harm than good. ( Another 5/5 )

I suggest getting "God of Justice" when it is releaed at San Diego Comic Con or any time after, it is VERY good and I was entertained the entire time, it is completely original and my final verdict is a

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spider-Man Rights To Revert Back To Marvel/Disney After 2012

As of right now Sony Pictures currently holds the rights to such franchises as The Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Marvel comics franchises Men in Black and Spider-Man. But the site 24/7 Wall St. has reported that Sony Pictures is included in there list of brands that will dissapear, last year they reported that such as Blockbuster will dissapear and they were mostly right.
Here is there knowledge to back-up there prediction:
Sony has a studio production arm which has nothing to do with its core businesses of consumer electronics and gaming. Sony bought what was Columbia Tri-Star Picture in 1989 for $3.4 billion. This entertainment operation has done poorly recently. Sony’s fiscal year ends in March, and for the period revenue for the group dropped 15% to $7.2 billion and operating income fell by 10% to $466 million. Sony is in trouble. It lost $3.1 billion in its latest fiscal on revenue of $86.5 billion. Sony’s gaming system group is under siege by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Nintendo. Its consumer electronics group faces an overwhelming challenge from Apple. The company’s future prospects have been further damaged by the Japan earthquake and the hack of its large PlayStation Network. CEO Howard Stringer is under pressure to do something to increase the value of Sony’s shares. The only valuable asset with which he can easily part is Columbia which would attract interest from a number of large media operations. Sony Entertainment will disappear with the sale of its assets.
If they are correct then Marvel and Disney will regain the rights to Spider-Man and possibly Men in Black. But if Disney was smart I say they should just buy them out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newsarama Talks To Sean McKeever About Upcoming Marvel Trading Cards "The Avengers Kree-Skrull War"

This July Marvel and Upper Deack are coming together and releasing five new comics that took place during the Kree-Skrull War. But these comics are going to be told through the trading cards and are apart of real comics continuity.And they are written by Fear Itself author Sean McKeever It will be a 190 card set and will have these stories for you to put together:

- The Sacrifice, a 20-page story that focuses on Cap, Thor, Iron Man and Vision, with art by Manuel Garcia.
- Power, a four-page story about Super-Skrull with art by Carlos Paul.
- The Debt, which tells a story of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in an eight-page comic drawn by Andy Smith.
- The Fall, which is about Nick Fury and features six pages of art by Allan Patrick.
- Soldier's Honor, a four-page story that focuses on Captain America and has art by Fabio Jansen.
                  and more in over 40 pgs. of comics on trading cards.
Each card has a front and back, with nine cards fitting together to make a two-sided page. The cards will be sold with nine cards per $3 pack, and 24 packs per box. Upper Deck will also have additional insert cards in the collection, including "cover art" for the stories. 

Newsarama: OK, Sean, when this was announced, it sounded more like it was about the cards instead of a real comic. But I guess since they got a real comic writer to do this, it's legit?

Sean McKeever: It is! It's a real Marvel comic. It's the first time Marvel has done something like this, and it's part of continuity. And it ties into a major storyline, with the Kree-Skrull War.

Nrama: How does it tie into the Kree-Skrull War?
McKeever: The great thing about Kree-Skrull War is that it started out in smaller stories that were hinting it, but then it grew more and more epic in scale.
So if you read the story, there are a lot of personal stories, and then once it gets big, there are a lot things going on in different places, like the big battle between some of the Avengers and the Skrull armada, and then there's Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch trapped on the Skrull homeworld.
So as they're jumping around from issue to issue, from one place to another, editor Bill Rosemann and I found these gaps in the story. And we thought, well what happens during that time? What can glean more insight into the story, and also glean more insight into the characters during that time period?
: So you're not changing continuity.


McKeever: Right. We're just enhancing it.

Nrama: There are a lot of pages in this collection. What stories are included in it?
McKeever: The main story, penciled by Manuel Garcia, is 20 pages, and it focuses on Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Vision. Obviously, Thor, Cap and Iron are all kind of a big deal right now with their movies. The Vision is kind of an unknown quantity to most casual comic readers, and he's the emotional core of this story. He's a humanoid android who's fallen in love with the Scarlet Witch. She's trapped on the Skrull homeworld. He's really realizing that he can feel love, and we all know what our first love was like. He's filled with this emotion, and that's a big part of this main story.
Then we have four other stories. We tied all the stories together in various ways. And one story is even a sub-set of that main story, which is Captain America dealing with some Skrull soldiers who are trying to escape the Skrull flagship, which has been targeted for self-destruction. And it's about how soldiers in a war are soldiers in a war, no matter what side you're on. And Cap is the best character with which to tell that kind of story, because he understands it all too well.
Then we have a Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver story, on the Skrull homeworld, with Captain Marvel, penciled by Andy Smith. Here are these people who've been on both sides of the human vs. mutant battle, and they don't want much to do with it anymore. And here they are in the middle of an inter-galactic war between two races. And how they view that is a big part of that story.
Then we have Nick Fury, drawn by Allan Patrick, back on Earth doing more of an espionage story that ties in with one of the bigger plot points, where a senator had been replaced by a Skrull and was sewing discontent toward the Avengers on Earth. Nick has a neat little adventure in, of course, Wisconsin farmland.
And then our fifth story was one of the more exciting ones for me. It's star the Super Skrull, and it's during a period where, when he returns to his homeworld with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, even though he had these two captives, he was considered a rogue element. So the emperor had him attacked. This tells the story of what happens after he's attacked, and it has him fighting his own people. It shows how you can be a hero to your people and yet also reviled by your superiors. And that was a fun story to tell.
There are all sorts of little ways these stories connect. And as you get these various stories, you'll see how they happen in relation to one another. And we state where it takes place within the Kree-Skrull War paperback.

Nrama: Has this been done before, with a comic on collector cards?
: This is the first time Marvel and Upper Deck have done it. It was done before by Defiant Comics, which Jim Shooter ran, and they did their zero issue of Warriors of Plasm as a card set. This was back in the real hey-day of the superhero trading cards. Myself, personally, I was geeked to collect the cards and piece the story together.

And this is the same sort of thing, except there are some innovative things we're doing with it that you haven't seen before. And of course, it's a Marvel first.

Nrama: What kind of unique things are you doing with the cards?
McKeever: Each page will be back-to-back, so when you put them in a nine-card sleeve, you'll have two pages of the comic book. So even though one side of the card may not have the most vital information, the other side definitely will. It was important for us and Upper Deck to make sure there is always something interesting and important on each card, either on one side or the other.

The really innovative thing with the set for me was trying to determine how best to lay out pages using that nine-grid formula. That was actually a lot of fun. We'd come up with some landscape-style panels, and some portrait panels that go all the way up and down the page. There are also some eight- and nine-panel pages, since we're using that grid.
It was just a lot of fun to figure out the pacing and to make it work so that the pages were exciting, as well as the cards. Like if there are three lines of dialogue in a panel that takes place over three cards, I'd point out that a bit of the dialogue should go on each card. And I laid out where characters should be and things like that. And the artists did a fantastic job, particularly Manuel Garcia, who I worked with on Mystique for a year. He did the main story.
It was just really cool to see those pages coming in, and to see how they innovated within that grid structure for the cards.

 Nrama: And you worked on all of this with Marvel? Even though it's cards?
McKeever: Yeah, the story and art and everything was all done in-house by Marvel. Upper Deck came to Marvel and wanted to do this, so Marvel worked with them to make the comic. And [Marvel editor] Bill Rosemann, who's in charge of special projects, came to me and asked if I wanted to do it, and it was an immediate yes. It was just such a cool opportunity to write all these stories. To be a writer and have a trading card set is a pretty awesome geek moment for me.