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Up To Date Rankings Of Most Comic Book Movies

Here I will keep a ranking of comic book movies both by my personal opinion and their Rotten Tomatoes scores.

YearTitleProduction studio(s)Notes
1944Captain AmericaRepublic PicturesSerial film released in 15 chapters. Marvel was then known as Timely Comics.
1986Howard the DuckUniversal StudiosCo-produced by Lucasfilm.
1989The PunisherLive EntertainmentDirect-to-video in US; limited theatrical release internationally.
1990Captain America21st Century Film CorporationCo-produced by Jadran Film. Direct-to-video in US; limited theatrical release internationally.
1994The Fantastic FourConstantin Film ProduktionUnreleased
1998BladeNew Line Cinema
2000X-Men20th Century Fox
2002Blade IINew Line Cinema
Spider-ManColumbia PicturesNominated for 2 Oscars.
2003Daredevil20th Century FoxCo-produced by Regency Enterprises.
HulkUniversal Studios
2004The PunisherArtisan EntertainmentDistributed by Lionsgate Films domestically and Columbia Pictures overseas.
Spider-Man 2Columbia PicturesWon 1 Oscar, nominated for 2 more.
Blade: TrinityNew Line Cinema
2005Elektra20th Century FoxCo-produced by Regency Enterprises.
Fantastic Four
2006X-Men: The Last Stand
2007Ghost RiderColumbia Pictures
Spider-Man 3
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer20th Century Fox
2008Iron ManMarvel StudiosDistributed by Paramount Pictures.1 Nominated for 2 Oscars. Start of the MCU.
The Incredible HulkDistributed by Universal Studios.
Punisher: War ZoneProduced under Marvel Knights banner. Distributed by Lionsgate Films domestically and Columbia Pictures overseas. Not part of MCU.
2009X-Men Origins: Wolverine20th Century Fox
2010Iron Man 2Marvel StudiosDistributed by Paramount Pictures.1 Nominated for 1 Oscar.
2011ThorDistributed by Paramount Pictures.1
X-Men: First Class20th Century Fox
Captain America: The First AvengerMarvel StudiosDistributed by Paramount Pictures.1
2012Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceColumbia PicturesCo-produced by Marvel Studios under Marvel Knights banner. Not part of MCU.
The AvengersMarvel StudiosWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures starts distributing Marvel Studios films.2 Nominated for 1 Oscar.
The Amazing Spider-ManColumbia Pictures
2013Iron Man 3Marvel StudiosNominated for 1 Oscar.
The Wolverine20th Century Fox
Thor: The Dark WorldMarvel Studios
2014Captain America: The Winter SoldierNominated for 1 Oscar.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2Columbia Pictures
X-Men: Days of Future Past20th Century FoxNominated for 1 Oscar.
Guardians of the GalaxyMarvel StudiosNominated for 2 Oscars.
2015Avengers: Age of Ultron
Fantastic Four20th Century Fox
2016Deadpool20th Century FoxPost-production[1][2][3]
Captain America: Civil WarMarvel Studios
X-Men: Apocalypse20th Century Fox
Doctor StrangeMarvel StudiosFilming[4]
2017Untitled The Wolverinesequel[5][6]20th Century FoxPre-production[7]
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2[6]Marvel Studios
Untitled Spider-Man reboot[6][8]Columbia Pictures /
Marvel Studios
In development; to be distributed by Sony Pictures.
Thor: Ragnarok[6]Marvel StudiosIn development
2018Black Panther[6]
Avengers: Infinity War Part 1[6]
Ant-Man and the Wasp[6]
2019Captain Marvel[6]
Avengers: Infinity War Part 2[6]

Short films[edit]

All shorts produced by Marvel Studios are known as Marvel One-Shots and set within the MCU.
YearTitleProduction studio(s)Appearance
2011The ConsultantMarvel Studios / Ebeling GroupThor Blu-ray release
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's HammerCaptain America: The First Avenger Blu-ray release
2012Item 47Marvel Studios / M3 CreativeThe Avengers Blu-ray release
2013Agent CarterMarvel StudiosIron Man 3 Blu-ray release and digital download
2014All Hail the KingThor: The Dark World Blu-ray release and digital download

From Marvel imprints

YearTitleProduction studio(s)Notes
From Icon Comics
2010Kick-AssMarv Films / Plan B EntertainmentDistributed by Lionsgate Films domestically and Universal Studios overseas
2013Kick-Ass 2Marv Films / Plan B EntertainmentDistributed by Universal Studios
2015Kingsman: The Secret ServiceMarv Films / Shangri-La Entertainment / TSG EntertainmentDistributed by 20th Century Fox
2017Untitled KingsmansequelUpcoming. To be distributed by 20th Century Fox
From Malibu Comics
1993HardcaseMalibu Films6-minute short film; VHS released by Wizard to promote the launch of the Ultraverse line.
Firearm35-minute mid-short film; VHS released with Firearm comic book issue #0.
1997Nightman: World PremiereAlliance FilmsTwo-part pilot from Night Man series aired as television movie.
Men in BlackColumbia Pictures / Amblin Entertainment / Parkes/MacDonald Productions / Image NationWon 1 Oscar, nominated for 2 more.
2002Men in Black II
2012Men in Black 3

Television films

YearTitleProduction companyNotes
1977Spider-ManCharles Fries ProductionsBackdoor pilot episode of the The Amazing Spider-Man TV series; limited theatrical release internationally.
The Incredible HulkUniversal TelevisionBackdoor pilot episodes of the The Incredible Hulk TV series; limited theatrical releases internationally.
Return of the Incredible Hulk
1978Dr. StrangePilot episode for an unproduced TV series.
1979Captain America
Captain America II: Death Too Soon
1988The Incredible Hulk ReturnsNew World Television /
Bixby-Brandon Productions
Revival attempts of The Incredible Hulk TV series.
1989The Trial of the Incredible Hulk
1990The Death of the Incredible Hulk
1996Generation XNew World Television
1998Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.20th Century Fox TelevisionPilot episode for an unproduced TV series.
2005Man-ThingLionsgate Films /
Artisan Entertainment
Television premiere in US; limited theatrical release internationally.

Animated films

All feature animated films are released direct-to-video, except as indicated.
YearTitleProduction studioNotes
2006Ultimate AvengersMLG ProductionsDistributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.
Ultimate Avengers 2
2007The Invincible Iron Man
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme
2008Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
2009Hulk Vs
2010Planet Hulk
2011Thor: Tales of Asgard
2013Iron Man: Rise of TechnovoreMadhouseAnime, distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes UnitedMarvel AnimationCGI and hand drawn animation.
2014Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & PunisherMadhouseAnime, distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes UnitedMarvel AnimationCGI and hand drawn animation; Released only digitally.
Big Hero 6Walt Disney Animation StudiosTheatrically released; CGI animation. Won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.
2018Untitled Spider-Man animated film[6]Sony Pictures AnimationPlanned theatrical release; pre-production.

Critical and public reception

FilmRotten TomatoesMetacriticPersonal
Howard the Duck14% (44 reviews)1/5
The Punisher28% (18 reviews)N/A
Captain America9% (11 reviews)N/A
The Fantastic Four33% (6 reviews)N/A
Blade54% (93 reviews)45 (23 reviews)3/5
X-Men81% (166 reviews)64 (33 reviews)3.5/5
Blade II57% (146 reviews)52 (28 reviews)3.5/5
Spider-Man89% (236 reviews)73 (37 reviews)4/5
Daredevil44% (221 reviews)42 (35 reviews)3/5
X286% (235 reviews)68 (37 reviews)4.5/5
Hulk61% (227 reviews)54 (40 reviews)2.5/5
The Punisher29% (167 reviews)33 (36 reviews)N/A
Spider-Man 293% (261 reviews)83 (41 reviews)4.5/5
Blade: Trinity25% (165 reviews)38 (30 reviews)N/A
Elektra10% (163 reviews)34 (35 reviews)1.5/5
Fantastic Four27% (203 reviews)40 (35 reviews)2/5
X-Men: The Last Stand58% (232 reviews)58 (38 reviews)2.5/5
Ghost Rider26% (135 reviews)35 (20 reviews)2/5
Spider-Man 363% (246 reviews)59 (40 reviews)2.5/5
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer37% (167 reviews)45 (33 reviews)2.5/5
Iron Man94% (266 reviews)79 (38 reviews)4.5/5
The Incredible Hulk67% (219 reviews)61 (38 reviews)4.5/5
Punisher: War Zone27% (101 reviews)30 (22 reviews)N/A
X-Men Origins: Wolverine38% (252 reviews)40 (39 reviews)2.5/5
Iron Man 272% (276 reviews)57 (40 reviews)3/5
Thor77% (266 reviews)57 (40 reviews)3.5/5
X-Men: First Class87% (269 reviews)65 (38 reviews)4/5
Captain America: The First Avenger79% (241 reviews)66 (36 reviews)4/5
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance17% (111 reviews)32 (20 reviews)2/5
Marvel's The Avengers92% (315 reviews)69 (43 reviews)4.5/5
The Amazing Spider-Man72% (302 reviews)66 (42 reviews)3.5/5
Iron Man 379% (284 reviews)62 (44 reviews)3.5/5
The Wolverine70% (232 reviews)60 (43 reviews)3/5
Thor: The Dark World66% (241 reviews)54 (44 reviews)2.5/5
Captain America: The Winter Soldier89% (253 reviews)70 (44 reviews)5/5
The Amazing Spider-Man 253% (268 reviews)53 (49 reviews)2/5
X-Men: Days of Future Past91% (274 reviews)74 (43 reviews)4/5
Guardians of the Galaxy91% (274 reviews)76 (46 reviews)4.5/5
Big Hero 689% (191 reviews)75 (34 reviews)4.5/5
Avengers: Age of Ultron75% (292 reviews)66 (49 reviews)3.5/5
Ant-Man80% (254 reviews)64 (43 reviews)4/5
Fantastic Four10% (198 reviews)27 (40 reviews)N/A
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