Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ant-Man to Appear as a CAMEO in The Avengers

Glad I finally get to post an article of my,which reminds if you want to get a chance to post articles on here whenever you want just let us know in the comments section,well anyway I got some new awesome news foe everyone involving a very anticipated movie of 2012 "The Avengers" which will bring together Iron Man(Downey Jr.),Captain America(Evans),Thor(Hemsworth),Nick Fury(Jackson),Black Widow(Johannson),The Hulk(Ruffalo),and Hawkeye(Renner) ----------^^^

But a source I will once again remain annonymous as The Main Man has is currently reporting to me that Ant-Man will not appear as a original Avenger as he had in the comics but he will make a cameo apparently as a scientist working at S.H.I.E.L.D in The Avengers leading up to his full/main first appearence as a hero in Ant-Man film currently being written,but almost finished,by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.Hawkeye I believe will also be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. under Agent Phil Coulson and I think my source says at one point he will shoot and arrow at Thor but I am not positive on that comment,or which movie it is supposed to appear in.

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Both images courtesy of Comicbookmovie users Rochi Morand and Skinnyglasses.


Anonymous said...

What is your source's name,otherwise I actually believe you,cool news

New guy said...

His first name is Rick,he usually has real news,he tries to pull a fast one every here and there,at one point he tried to tell us that Crimson Dynamo was the villain in Iron Man 2 like early 2009.

OH,I also remembered he said that there are plans to mention vibranium and Wakanda in Avengers for a sort of Black Panther cameo but not as big as Ant-Man(no news on Wasp yet though)

I might get kicked off from this but that Skrulls not appearing in Avengers is really from a couple of months ago,if that makes any difference to anyone

New guy said...
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New guy said...

Shoot,just realized I said
"plans to mention vibranium and Wakanda in Avengers for a sort of Black Panther cameo"

I meant to say Captain America:TFA not Avengers,my mistake

Anonymous said...

Marvel just announced that there will be a 8th superhero in the Avengers! I'm pretty sure it will certainly be Black Panther. I hope there will be a cameo of Ant-Man and more superheroes in the end of the Avengers 1.