Wednesday, March 2, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Skrulls Will NOT Appear In "The Avengers" Movie

My friend who works at Marvel Studios who I will simply leave annonymous has sent me a email on something he just heard going on at Marvel Studios on the new movie The Avengers.

 "I was walking down the hallway when I heard some of the guys talking about the villains in The Avengers movie. I said "Isn't the Hulk and Loki the villains?" when they answered "Yes,but another site has reported that we said that the skrulls are villains with Loki." "But Marvel has already denied that like three times." "You know that and everybody else knows that but appearently one site wanted some more publicity,but hey it helps Avengers publicity to so no harm done.Almost as bad as people saying that an Avengers trailer would be out before either Cap or Thor in theatres." "Ha,I know."That is all I heard,figured you need a exclusive....

 So there you have,Avengers will face The Hulk and Loki,not The Skrulls
The Avengers Movie Villains are the Skrulls
I know,a lot of confusion

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