Monday, May 23, 2011

Kevin Fiege Talks "The Avengers" Interactions and First Day of Shooting!

Kevin Feige talks to Empire Magazine about The Avengers and the first set pic.

"We wanted to do a teaser of an image-Let people know that the movie has started filming, and it's real. We thought it would be fun to have the cast chairs--that's the big selling point of the movie, that these people are together on the set" (apparently chairs for Hawkeye, Fury + Widow are there, but just out of frame")

"I did get to New Mexico on the 1st day of shooting. Right off the bat, it involved a couple of characters who'd been in other movies meeting for the first time" he recalls. "It was a little surreal, realising it was actually happening"

"Iron Man and Thor have defeated threats, and in a couple of months Captain America will hold his own - So what in the world could they go up against that requires all of them to get together for a challenge that they may or may not suceed against?" Feige wont't confirm or deny what that threat is...

"Everyone has more than their own fair share of screen time, interaction and arcs in this film - we didn't want anyone to get a short shrift - it's a big story and big movie. Everyone has room to have their own stories, but the primary one is their interaction together. That's where the fun really is!"

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