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Entire Cast And Crew For Upcoming "Ultimate Spider-Man" Television Series/ Episode Plots

For the upcoming Disney XD series/Marvel comics television series, Ultimate Spider-Man the entire cast and crew for the show and a few episode plots.

In the title role of:
Vincent Martella ... Spider-Man (5 episodes, 2011-2012)
Josh Keaton ... Spider-Man and The Human Torch (6 episodes, 2011-2012)


Danielle Judovits ... Shadowcat / ... (10 episodes, 2011-2012)

Colleen O'Shaughnessey ... Gwen Stacy/ Wasp ...(10 episodes, 2011-2012)

Topher Grace ... Eddie Brock ... (6 episodes, 2011-2012)

J.K. Simmons ... J. Jonah Jameson (6 episodes, 2011-2012)

Cindy Robinson ... Mary Jane Watson/Dr.Ashley Ka[fricker] ...(5 episodes, 2011-2012)

James Arnold Taylor ... Harry Osborn and Hawkeye ... (5 episodes, 2011-2012)

Troy Baker ... Abraham Whistler / Mysterio ... (5 episodes, 2012)

Yuri Lowenthal ... Bobby Drake ... (5 episodes, 2012)

Avery Waddell ... Nick Fury (5 episodes, 2012)

Laura Bailey ... Firestar/ Titania... (4 episodes, 2012)

Kyle Hebert ... Kenny Kong (3 episodes, 2011-2012)

Kevin Michael Richardson ... Robbie Robertson

Tony Todd ... Blade

Johnny Whitworth ... Blackout

Danny Cooksey ... Flash Thompson

Michael Sinterniklaas ... Carnage ... (3 episodes, 2011-2012)

Rick D. Wasserman ... Absorbing Man ... (3 episodes, 2012)

Jason Marsden ... Electro ... (2 episodes, 2011-2012)

Vyvan Pham ... Liz Allen (2 episodes, 2011-2012)

Charles Adler ... Crimson Dynamo ... (2 episodes, 2012)

Zoƫ Kravitz ... Gloria Grant ... (2 episodes, 2012)

Fred Tatasciore ... The Hulk (2 episodes, 2012)

Wally Wingert ... Henry Pym / Ant Man

Sam Witwer ... Mac Gargan / The Scorpion

Kelly Hu ... Betty Brant

Charles Adler ... Crimson Dynamo / Radioactive Man / Doctor Octopus

Troy Baker ... David Cannon / Whirlwind / Doctor Doom / Clay Quartermain

Robin Atkin Downes ... Emil Blonsky / Abomination

Gary Anthony Sturgis ... Hobie Brown / The Prowler

Travis Willingham ... Thor / Skurge the Executioner

Jim Cummings ... Kraven the Hunter

John Di Maggio ... Sandman

Robert Englund ... Vulture

Rick D. Wasserman ... Rhino

Grey DeLisle ... Maria Hill / Lucia von Bardas

Brian Bloom ... Steve Rogers / Captain America

Miguel Ferrer ... Silvermane

Marion Ross ... Aunt May

Frank Welker ... Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin

Season 1, Episode 2: Responsibilities:
Venom returns and threatens Peter to give up being Spider-Man so that it stops him from ditching his friends. However, a red alien symbiote bonds with Eddie Brock's former cell mate Cletus Kasady, turning him into Carnage as he and Electro abduct some of Peter'friends.

Season 1, Episode 3: Teamwork:
With almost all the Avengers along with Peter Parker's closest friends abducted by Carnage and his gang of super villains, Spider-Man and Wasp gather a small group of teen heroes along with Venom to stop this threat and for Spider-Man to prove that he is a true hero.

Season 1, Episode 4: The Right Way:
After getting hold of dangerous technology, Hobie uses to help Spider-Man as the Prowler!

Season 1, Episode 5: Line of Defense:
With the Avengers away on a mission, Spider-Man and his friends must help Wasp protect the Avengers Mansion from being attacked by the Absorbing Man and Titania.

Season 1, Episode 6: Return of the Sinister Six:
As Spider-Man and his team mates have trouble getting along, the Sinister Six return and now the team has to work together to stop them.

Season 1, Episode 7: Rivalry of Doom:
When Spider-Man and Human Torch race around the city to see whose fastest, Doctor Doom and his forces search the city for a powerful source of energy.

Return of the Green Goblin:
With the Green Goblin coming out of hiding Spider-Man and his team along with the Avengers have to take him and his massive new crime empire down and bring Osborn in to S.H.E.I.L.D., but will Spider-Man manage to defeat him before the Goblin gets away again?

The Kingpin:
When word gets out that a gang war between the Kingpin and Silvermane is about to come, Spider-Man and his team must find a way to stop it.

Vampire Hunt:
When a mysterious vampire name Blackout arrives in Manhattan New York causing terror around the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Blade arrives to help assist Spider-Man and his team on taking down this shadowy threat.

Based on the list of characters and their respected voice actors "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "Avengers: EMH" are apart of the same universe. And Topher Grace reprises his role as Eddie Brock.

Adrian Pasdar, the voice of Iron Man in the Iron Man anime has also revealed he will be voicing Iron Man again in this series, when asked if he is voicing any other heroes he replied saying:
"Well, I’m doing Iron Man again for the Ultimate Spider-Man series."

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Anonymous said...

Vincent Martella is one of the most talented young adults in the voice over and acting business.

He just recorded a song with Slash and lent his voice as Phineas in Phineas & Ferb!