Thursday, September 8, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Clark Gregg Briefly Talks Ultimate Spider-Man, Connecting The MCU, And More!

Our very own member and writer, "Armageddon26", recently had a interview (not in person) with the now famous Phil Coulson, a.k.a. actor Clark Gregg!

Check it out below:
KYMN: You recently starred in Thor, how was filming different compared to Iron Man?

Clark Gregg:
In Thor, Coulson's running the show for SHIELD. Again got to work with an amazing cast and a talented director who's also an actor.
KYMN: You've already talked about voicing Phil Coulson in Ultimate Spider-Man, but it got a lot of fans asking if the show is set in the same universe as the other Marvel movies Thor, Iron Man, Avengers, etc. ?
Gregg: Feels like a different part of the same universe, where Coulson is the principaland the boss of EVERYONE
KYMN: Lol, must be a good universe; Now Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 both start production next year, will you have any thing to do with either movie?
Gregg: I'm sorry, you're breaking up. I must be in a spoiler free twitter dead zone. That or Marvel has their jamming devices aimed at me.

KYMN: Fine lol, when you return to directing again?

Gregg: Prepping my new film right now. Shoots in October. An original comic neo-noir called "Trust Me."

KYMN: Any cast details right now?

Gregg: Can't say yet. (Clark has previously stated that he is seein if the cast of "The To Do List")

KYMN: What was it like being a huge part in connecting a entire cinematic universe?

Gregg: I still think it's just a spectacular geeked out dream I'm going to wake up from.

KYMN: Would you like your character to return for more films and tv shows?

Gregg: Absolutely.

You can see Clark Gregg in THOR and the upcoming 2012 film "The Avengers"!

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