Friday, February 12, 2016

Deadpool Review and SPOILERS

Crass, Loud, and Offensive, Deadpool Delivers Exactly What the Fans Wanted

          My review itself will try to avoid as many spoilers as possible, saving those for the bottom of this thread.
          Right off the bat Deadpool lets you know that this is not your average superhero film, with an opening scene that has to rank as one of my favorite and most original in recent memory. Produced by 'Some Asshats' and directed by 'An Overpaid Tool' , Deadpool is a funny movie, but unfortunately not every joke lands, and they come at a pace so fast and consistent that when you get a joke that fails it sticks out, at least momentarily until they hit you with a joke that makes you bust out laughing. There is enough jokes in here to make fan boys giddy and average movie goers laugh. The rating really is well-deserved though, on a hard- R the film is able to take things to a new level, sowing this film would not work on a PG-13, though the character itself I think would. 
           The characters are almost all very well-done, though Al, Angel, and Ajax would have benefited from a little more development, but Morena Baccarin (as Vannessa), T.J. Miller (as Weasel), and Reynolds (as Deadpool), all give great performances, with Reynolds finally finding the character his career will be remembered for. 'Negasonic Teenage Warhead' and 'Colossus' do well for what they are given, specifically Warhead, who has an underrated chemistry with Deadpool in the film.  
            Where this film really fails though is its story, it gets boring, repetitive, and at times feels too long. The story is a basic superhero plot that is only enhanced by how it is handled, the humor, 4th wall breaks, and action all make you ALMOST forget how basic the story as a whole really is. 

                                                SPOILERS AND EASTER EGGS
              Here I won't give away everything, but I will say a few of my favorite jokes, easter eggs, and references.
1.) Rob L. on a cup in the opening sequence, as well as Reynolds' 'Sexiest Man Alive' cover. 
2.) T.J. Miller telling Ajax to get to their midnight screening of Blade II, telling us that Blade films exist in the Fox-Men universe, though disappointing he didn't say the Reynolds' starring Blade; trinity 
3.) The final battle is on what looks like a SHIELD Hellicarrier 
4.) Colossus gives a 'Four or Five' speech on being a hero, which is ironic since this is Reynolds' fifth comic book movie, (Green Lantern (which gets a few jokes), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which we see a Deadpool figure from that film), Blade; Trinity, and R.I.P.D.)

5.) My personal favorite joke is when Reynolds' Deadpool says he looks like a radioactive shar pei bit him, a nod to this
                                                                     Overall Rating:
Deadpool is offensive and hilarious, though at times it sometimes stalls and falters it never really loses its stride, the film itself is not a home-run but it is a solid triple. I give it a total rating of 8.7 out of 10. 

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