Monday, June 13, 2011

New "Marvel Team-Up" The Avenging Spider-Man

As stated in the Marvel liveblog yesterday, a new monthly series titled the Avenging Spider-Man will be strating in November. It will be a Marvel team-up but each issue tying in to Avengers characters.

The series writer Zeb Wells said, “With Dan Slott nailing all the Peter Parker soap opera stuff in Amazing Spider-Man, we wanted to a book about Spider-Man as a super hero, out there in the Marvel Universe with the Avengers. This is the big super action movie of Spider-Man every month, with Joe Mad on art.....I think we touch on every Avenger in the first issue. Red Hulk is the main guest star, but they’re all there.”
“Spider-Man has been Joe Mad’s favorite character since he was a kid. Now his own kids are Spidey fans and he doesn’t think they’ll realize how cool it is that he’s drawing this book until they’re holding it in their hands” quoting Joe as saying “I was a freaking nerd in high school, so I can relate to Spider-Man. I loved Spider-Man because he was funny. Over the years, depending on the writer, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he’s not. Zeb is very very funny. I hope I can pull it off, but we’re going to have some good comedy in there with serious big action.”
“The first arc will see Spider-Man and the Red Hulk headed deep underground to deal with the Mole Man and encountering a brand new threat… Avenging Spider-Man is Marvel Team-Up but where the stories have a major impact on Spider-Man and the Avengers.”

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