Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chris Evans "Geeked Out" on Avengers Set

Chris Evans,who is playing Captain America in The Avengers and Captain America:TFA,talks to MTV about being on the set of the Avengers.

Biggest Interview parts:

"We're stuck in Albuquerque, no one is from there, no one knows what to do, so when we're done with work if we have a weekend, we all go get dinner, grab a drink, go to someone's house," he said. "It actually feels like a team," he added, with a knowing smile.
"Yeah, we've had a couple [group] scenes," Evans revealed. "I've obviously been excited about being Captain America, but . . . when we did 'Captain America,' you're the only superhero on set. [With] 'The Avengers,' there were a couple days where I came to set and you see Hemsworth — who is a superhero — and . . . you see Downey with the ['Iron Man'] suit, and it's the first time I geeked out a bit."

Avengers comes out May 4, 2012. Which is not soon enough.

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