Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Game Disaster,Abridged Version,Rough Draft

The reason I wrote this stroy is because for 2 whole weeks,all I had in my head was a continuation of one dream,it just went on and on,I woke up in the middle of the night a couple time and when I went back to sleep it just continued from where I left off.So here is a shortened version of my chapter one rough draft,please tell me what you think:

The young boy our story centers around is fourteen year old Joshua Array. Him and his father are moving into some newly built apartments in a small town in northern Michigan.Joshua's father is not his own,he and his younger brother were orphaned as babies, And now the story continues....

is nothing to do,its raining outside and I beat all my video games already." "Maybe not all of them." "What the heck is that supposed to mean dad?" Josh's father walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a old looking game cartridge. "Uhhmm,what is that?" "This was a game my friends father was working on back in the early 80's,but it never got released so this is the only copy. It's called 'The Adventures of The Crash Gang'." "Woooow,sounds lame dad." "Fine,i'll give you the plot of the game anyway,The Crash Gang are a group os six homeless teens,and when their city is threatened try to save it.The gang consists of Seeley,16,the leader,Jack,15,second in comand, Little Tim,8, Samantha,14, Reynold,12, and then you (the player) join as the sixth member. The game's graphics were ahead of it's time, plus it's ability to allow the player to create an avatar were tremendously cool." "Tremendously cool,seriously dad?" "Yes,but the game never caught on thus this is the only one ever finished.....Come on you know you want to play it." "Well I got nothin better to do,so I guess I could give it a whirl."
After finally getting the game set-up."Okay Josh,I gotta go,have fun with the game." "Sure dad.Okay,lets see,I created my avatar what is next. Follow the arrows to the city,easy enou....am I walking my avatar through my own apartment?!? And now I've walked down to the lobby,game says go to the stairs that lead to the back exit. Then you have to know where you are going to open the doors, and crawl through the tunnel? Okay...I knew it,that is a 'Stay Smart Apartments' sign, this game does take place here,in the apartment building."
Whether it was boredom or not, Josh did exactly as the game told him to do and walked to the back exit. He consentrated on the city,which would be where he is going,opened the door,and surely enough the tunnel was there "Its REAL!!!", he exclaimed. He got on his hands and knees and crawled down the tunnel,but as he crawled he eventually realized he was in no tunnel but an adandoned warehouse. "Where am...." "HEY!" "Huh." "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?" "I don't even know where here is." "Home of the Crash Game,now....." "The Crash Gang!,Josh yelled. He thought about it for a second and then remembered "I came to join you." "Really,you came to join us?" "Yeah, your.....Jack,right?" "Yes,but how do you know that?" "Later,so can I join? I have no where to go." Jack thought about it for a second and decided,"Fine,but you will have to go on a little mission with two of our other members, Sam and Little Tim." "Why do I have to go on a mission?" "So we can see what your capable of." Jack took out his phone Sam,"You and Tim ready to go?" "Yes." "Then hurry up and get over here,we have a new member,I am sending him out with you to see what he can do." "Sure,whatever." He hung up his phone,"Sam and Tim will be right over Josh,your mission will be to find Ray Ratchett, he showed up a few years ago and has preddicted every bad event that has happened to this city. But while we wait I will introduce you to the rest of The Crash Gang."

About an hour later Sam and Tim showed up. "Josh this is Tim." "Hi." "Hi." "And this is Samantha." "Hello." "Uhmm..ahh..my..my name is.....Justi..uh....Josh,I mean Josh." "Okay then,we will report back to Seeley soon Jack." "Okay Sam." "Lets go guys." Josh followed the other two, only thinking to himself, "God,I made such a fool of myself,I didn't know Sam would be a hot blonde." After awhile of silence Josh finally spoke,"Hey Sam, what exactly is wrong in the city?" "Strange robots have been attacking and we believe a bomb is ready to blow somewhere in the city." "Oh,that's all?" Then Little Tim yealled,"Look its Ray!"

One quick apprehension later, "Listen Ray,what is going on in this city!?" "Easy Tim,I am a good guy like you and your little gang members." "How do you know who we are?" "Well I know all of you but him, who are you my dear boy?" "Me,I'm Josh." "Josh what is your last name?" "Uhhm....Array." "ARRAY! My son is friends with an Array,you must be the player." "What does that mean?" "You were playing the game and wound up here." "Yeah,I came here through a tunnel,you...you were the guy that created the game weren't you?" "Indeed. But I found out the game I created somehow morphed into it's own dimension, and now we are here,in the game but in a real dimension at the same time.....I just remembered we need to go." "May I ask why?" "No Sam,you may not,let's go." "Go where?" "To my secret base to get my jet,we must get in the air." Tim whispered to Josh and Sam,"I think were dealing with a loon." "Quiet Tim!" "Come on now,we must hurry."

"You fly Josh." "WHAT! Why?" "Our plane will dissinergrate panel by panel,and a great purple blast will fill the sky,but only you can fly." "What the hell,man we don't have time for your stupid gibberish." "Just fly the dand plane!" "Okay,geez.But I still don't know how to fly it." "Gently lift up the plane,now push that button." "This one?" "Yes." "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!",was the joint yell of the three children. "Ya could of mentioned it would go this fast." "Sorry,we needed to get out of the city before the bomb blew." "Wait,the bomb is going to explode?",questioned Tim. "Yes,that is why we needed to get into the sky." "I'm turning this jet around,there are thousands of people down in that city that need to be warned!" Josh whipped the jet around and zoomed back to the city.But it was to late,a giant purple beam flashed in the sky. Josh pulled up the plane so it looked as if it barely missed them,but it was enough.The plane was loosing altitude,then the panels supportine the plan dissinegrated until the four passengers fell to the water.

"Is everyone okay?",yelled Sam. "Yeah,we're all here!",called back Josh. "LOOK!!" The city is completely demolished,no one could of survived that.",said Little Tim. "But that means the others,the Crash Gand are.....",started Josh." "Dead.",finished Samantha with tears in her eyes and her cheeks flourished. "It's okay.",Josh forced out. "NO,it isn't,and there is no way to fix it,our,my,city was blown up and sunk to the ocean!!" "It's all my fault as well,I know,but we should at least try to avenge their deaths.......

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