Monday, April 4, 2011

Minor Plot Details On Spider Man: Edge of Time plus First Trailer states minor plot details on Spider-Man Edge of Time:

"Edge of Time finds players taking the role of both the original webhead and his 2009 counterpart following the death of Peter Parker. During the panel it was revealed that an evil scientist from 2009 has traveled back in time to kill Spider-Man. The 2009 Spider-Man sees this and travels back in time (to before Spider-Man was murdered) to stop it. This prompts the two to being working together.

Of course, anyone who has seen Back to the Future knows that messing with the space time continuum has severe consequences, an effect that is played up in the Wondercon trailer. In one scene, current day Spider-Man defeats a robot that would become the prototype to the robot 2009 Spidey was fighting in the future. After Spidey defeats the robot, it disappears in 2099."

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