Friday, April 1, 2011

Green Lantern to Be in An Upcoming Justice League Movie?

Appearently,I know this is not Marvel news but "The New Guy" is having some sort of verification problems and wanted me to post this that is "undisclosed source" has sent him.

    A new press statement,though not yet released,mentions Green Lantern will appear in Justice League after a Green Lantern sequel,as said here:
"Justice League is going to possibly be a continuation of our Green Lantern franchise,but will not feature Green Lantern on the team until after Green Lantern's sequel. If both of the movies are a success then the possibility if far greater,we are currently in discussion as of now."

   So,his source appearently has not let him down yet,but I am a little sketchy,it being April Fools Day and all,but you never know........

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